Vintage Style. Modern Fun.

Bloomers? Shorts? or Funky Accessory?

Creampuff Girlie Boxer Shorts Vintage pinup-girl style girlie boxers are the cutest & most comfortable things you’ll ever wear!  A hybrid of sports shorts and sexy pretty lingerie you can wear everyday! Vintage pinup girl style! Special fabrics. Clever details. Cooler than cotton. Better than bare! Combats dreaded thigh-rub!

Lil Bandaid Tops  Replace a drawer-full of camisoles, safety pins & garment tape!  Created to fill too-low or too-revealing necklines, Lil Bandaid tops are cleverly designed to give coverage without bulk or annoying straps.  Breathable, comfy, great fit.

Flirty & Fun and So Many Ways to wear your Creampuffs and Lil Bandaids…

Creampuff Girlie Boxer Shorts –  flirty & fun and so many ways to wear ‘em! Initially designed to wear instead of slip under skirts to combat S.D.T.R. (Seasonal Debilitating Thigh-Rub) Creampuff girlie boxer shorts can be worn a zillion ways all year ’round!  They’re like bloomers, petti-pants or tap-pants, with a new twist! Try them with your wrap dress, mini, tunic, button-front shirtdress, see-through sheer fashions, or even slim pencil skirt.  Wear ‘em at home cuz they’re more relaxing & comfy than regular shorts; to bed as cute pj’s (better than just panties);  over your bathing suit for a sexy 1940’s sun suit look (they cover your derriere & look adorable), with a corset, stockings & garters or as crazy-sexy undies. Wear ‘em under a skirt to ride your bike and walk to work or even over leggings to yoga class.  In hot weather Creampuffs keep you cool & dry: wicking-away moisture from your skin.  In cool weather they’re a cozy thermal layer.  Creampuffs are seamless and smooth under clothes or darling on their own.  Protect your expensive hosiery, hide gussets & seams on tights and your bum with leggings.  Yup, creampuffs are made of polyester – but it’s the mesh fabric’s structure that makes it so brilliant. Ask any runner, hiker or outdoor sports person & they’ll tell you “cotton kills” as a first layer against your bod (& we love cotton!)  Our customers have taken them all over the world & say they’ve never been so comfy.  We say “So cute who cares if they show!”  Non-clingy, non-static, loose, soft, stretchy & easy-care.

Lil Bandaid Tops replace a drawer-full of camisoles, safety pins & garment tape! Created to fill too-low or too-revealing necklines, Lil Bandaid tops are cleverly designed to give coverage without bulk or annoying straps.  Softly fitting over your bra, don’t ‘flatten’ or give you ‘uni-boob’. Lil Bandaid’s seamless sides won’t chafe and nicely disguise your bra sides under too-low or gaping armholes. Perfect under sheer, knit or see-through fabrics! Customers say Lil Bandaid tops have given new life to their wardrobes by resurrecting dresses & tops normally too revealing to wear!  Made of the same breathable creampuff fabric, Lil Bandaid tops are contoured, non-supportive & comfy. Cool in summer, cozy in winter.  Darling with a corset, bathing suit, strapless dress or to bed as cute pj’s.  Adds a dash of colour & coverage to any outfit and creates the smooth lines of a T-shirt bra. Wear ‘em with the ruffle up or down to suit your look.  Easy care machine & delicate wash.

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Creampuff by gg are proudly designed & made in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
*Please note all Lil’ Bandaid tops & Creampuff bottoms are sold separately.