Cute. Comfy. Canadian.


Bloomers? Shorts? or Funky Accessory?

Creampuff Girlie Boxer Shorts, hybrid of sport shorts & sexy pretty lingerie to wear everyday! Vintage pinup-girl style girlie boxers are one of the cutest & most comfortable things you’ll ever wear!

So many ways to wear ‘em! Creampuffs are seamless and smooth under clothes or darling on their own! In hot weather they keep you cool – wicking-away moisture from your skin to prevent chafing or ‘thigh-rub’. In cool weather Creampuffs keep you cozy – they’re fab over tights, leggings, stockings. Flirty & fun! Wear your Creampuffs instead of a slip, as shorts, a sweet accessory, a bathing suit cover, around the house or as pretty lingerie!

Lil Bandaid tops are no bigger than your bra, non-supportive & comfy in breathable creampuff fabric. Fill in too-low or too-revealing necklines, with a corset or strapless dress. Add a dash of colour to any outfit, eliminate camisole layers.  Wear with creampuff boxers as flirty pj’s or lingerie!  Easy care machine wash.

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Creampuff by gg are proudly designed & made in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
*Please note all Lil’ Bandaid tops & Creampuff bottoms are sold separately.